reFX Nexus 2 Importing Content Problem – Solved!

January 12, 2010

nexus-2-content-import-problem-solvedHaving problems loading the Nexus Content into Nexus 2? Well I had the same problem, and it took me 3 days of head scratching to come to what was, typically, a really simple solution.

When Nexus 2 first starts it searches your system for the Nexus Content folder, once found it will import all of the sounds, settings and presets etc from this folder. The important part to note here is that what Nexus 2 is actually searching for is any .nxs files. Which are the actual synth presets (Mega Saw, Epic Trance Lead etc)

I had used the Nexus 1.4 demo for a while and had problems with that too.. to cut a long story short, I had to manually download the 0testtone.nxs for Nexus 1.4 to work.

When I uninstalled Nexus 1.4 before trying Nexus 2, I failed to remove the 0testtone.nxs file as it was sitting in my downloads folder.

SO.. you can see what happened here. Nexus 2 was scanning my computer, finding 0testtone.nxs and assuming that this was the main Nexus Content folder, which meant it wasn’t importing any of the mega sounds and presets I had sitting in my VST plugin folder.

Once I had uninstalled Nexus 1.4 and installed Nexus 2, I noticed that 1.4 had left a string in the registry pointing Nexus 2 to my downloads folder, in search of content which wasn’t there. So Nexus 2 was loading and not finding any content at all!


  • Uninstall any previous versions of Nexus
  • Search and destroy any Nexus related files EXCEPT .nxp files (expansion packs, keep these)
  • Make sure you’ve deleted any .nxs files.
  • Search your registry for any Nexus related crap (search nexus & refx), look out for a strings that have paths to directories and delete them.
  • Restart computer
  • Install Nexus 2
  • Put your Nexus Content folder in the same directory Nexus 2 is installed to, usually your main VST Plugin folder.
  • Start Nexus 2

Yes! full, epic and lush synth sounds.


19 Responses to “reFX Nexus 2 Importing Content Problem – Solved!”

  1. Gambiroza Says:

    great,this worked for me 😀 thanks!

    • matt Says:

      I have a problem, While i can use all the presets, I notice in the content folder there is the “SAMPLE” folder which has the rom folder etc with 0testtone and also a whole bunch of other effects in the .nxs format. How can i use them? I can’t import them as they are not .nxp. They are .nxs. And there is a lot of folders and a lot of files but I can’t load any

  2. 55mwz Says:

    awesomes! thanku

  3. Gualdij Says:

    How can i find those files in the system reg? thanks…

    • Sam Says:

      I pretty much just went Start > Run > regedit then Edit > Find and searched for ‘Nexus’

      Might be worth creating a system restore point before you start messing around in there 🙂

  4. Yeroc Says:

    Also search for “refx” I found nexus in there after searching my registry for nexus.

  5. kevin Says:


  6. man you are my hero thanks please enter my yahoo id :

  7. eric uk Says:

    awesome dude… thatnks for the heads up.

    All working again. massive life saver

  8. Byron Says:

    I’m having trouble with Nexus. After otestone I can’t get Nexus to make any sounds. I have version 1.4. Can you help me? It would be greatly appreciated.

  9. tridge Says:

    I’ve gotta give you a virtual ‘handie’ man, I’m no gay but seriously… hours of useless video’s of “heres how you copy a folder” was not cutting it. THIS WORKED.

  10. jay Says:

    But where can I get the .NXP files? Can someone please send me them PLEASE

  11. suraj goenka Says:

    where i donwload nexus content folder plz give a link

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